You can certainly use your cellphone to record your memories, but at least one, or possibly all of the following will happen....

  • No matter how much you prepare, you're sure to leave something out - and editing on a cellphone is NOT easy.

  • It is easy to make a mistake, and then again, you have to edit.

  • You may have old recordings that you wish to incorporate.

  • You may want to record some music of your own as memories - even simple guitar strums.

  • You may wish to record a group of your family together.

  • All in all, a cellphone is not an ideal means of recording memories that you wish to pass down as a legacy for your future descendants.

What we offer is a means of recording your memories, incorporating historic recordings you may have, adding suitable background music, and providing the facility to edit the content into a final form which will be ideal for your requirements.

What is life?

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